Combined update: Little E weeks 11 to 13, Little M month 26

I have been neglecting this blog again, and have so many posts half written and never posted. Alas, a lot of this is organization and getting myself onto the computer. I think I might wait to get back into posting here until after the semi-big deadline at the beginning of June (that I’m working very hard on now).

The boys are doing well! Little M has hit his second year in stride, with lots of new skills and development, but also a LOT of meltdowns and emotional outbursts. Little E is becoming more and more of a “grown up” baby, smiling, laughing, interacting with everyone. He remains a good sleeper and much less dependent on me than Little M was at this age.

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Little M monthly summary: Month 25

Little M is into his second year and we have no idea what to expect. He’s a real toddler now, with all of his big boy things. He is getting his nappy off (slowly), has a big boy bed, has a little brother and is improving slowly but surely with self-care. This is also the last month that he will have a grandparent around all the time.

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Little E: Week 10 Summary

I can’t believe that we are already near the end of the newborn stage! Little E has been such a mature newborn that I didn’t even notice time passing. The big news this week is that the hip brace is finally off! Good riddance. It’ nice to have a flexible and soft baby for once. He seems to enjoy the new-found freedom, kicking and stretching.

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Little E: Week 8 & 9 Summary

So I already missed a week! Boo! Little E was 2 month old last week and I didn’t have time to get a post up! Partly because I was trying to meet a work deadline (that didn’t happen for a lot of reasons), a personal deadline (man, I hope I make this one) and a lot of doctor visits for Little M and Little E (checkups, shots, hip stuff, random other stuff, but nothing serious).

A major update on Little E, which was one of the medical visits we had (and will continue to have), is about his hips. We had another visit with the hospital physician, the one who wanted Little E to keep wearing that Bock brace, because the word got out that we were not so certain about his recommendations (as it is contradicted by a physician who has his own practice). At this visit, it seemed that Little E’s hips are JUST under (like 1 to 2 degrees) the cutoff for a good hip. He kept saying that Little E’s hips looked good, and also after I asked, confirmed that the manual examination showed stable hips. But his recommendation is still to wear the bock brace for – wait for it – SIX MORE WEEKS!!! I agreed to do that only if that brace is adjusted at least once every 2 weeks. This was due to the fact that Little E is growing like a weed, and every time we see this doctor, there are major adjustments to the brace. This visit, the major adjustment was that we had to get a new, bigger brace!

We have even MORE visits about his hips in May. I’m thinking that in many other hospitals, we would not have been prescribed a hip brace. In fact, since the manual examination showed stable hips, in most other countries, his hips would not have been imaged. Ah, the world of over-use of medical care.

Other medical stuff included that Little E got his first vaccinations last week. The MMR is not given until babies are 1 year old in Germany, so I am getting ultra nervous about the huge outbreak of measles that is still going on in Berlin.

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Little E: Week 7 Summary

A difficult week due to many reasons, but I am looking forward to more fun and easier times. We are hitting the peak of fuss with Little E, which may last up to week 8. Fun times. Also, Little M and M were sick again, and of course passed it to me and Little E (my dad too). Oh joy of cold and flu season with a new born. I realized how lucky we were with Little M that he didn’t have a cold until he was 8 month old.

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Tagfalter: Another pattern out

I will be late this week on the Little E week 7 update (hopefully coming holiday weekend Friday!) for the reason that dad, M and Little M are all sick! I actually ran out of the apartment all day with Little E today to get away from the people with colds (seem like Little E is so far still healthy). Anyways, I did take about an hour tonight between scarfing down takeout food and getting the kiddies to bed to …

Get another knitting pattern — Tagfalter — out on Ravelry.

M&D_Standing_4   Cowl_3

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Stash busting: Project Mom Scarf

I am on a mission to bust my yarn stash, especially reducing those yarns that I bought right when I started knitting again (new years 2011) that were cheapie and didn’t have projects attached. They were also not the best quality yarn because I just didn’t know any better back then.

First one finished is a scarf for my mom!


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Little E: Week 6 Summary

It seems like everything happened at week 6. This is supposedly the peak of fussiness, which means everything starts to get easier from now on. I remember with Little M, 6 weeks was a bit of a turning point for us. We are now half way through the “4th trimester.”

I am also unofficially able to do everything this week. However, I shall not, since I do not have my post-partum checkup until next week. Still, just knowing that I soon can wear little E, pick up little M, and finally take that well deserved bath, makes me giddy.

The one big thing that did not happen this week was the okay from the hospital ortho doc that Little E’s hip brace comes off. Although they assured us that the vast majority of newborns who need the brace will have them off by 6 weeks, at our visit, the head doc said that the hips are not quite there yet. He then adjusted the brace quite significantly, which made me even more suspicious of them saying that we do not need to adjust the brace as Little E grows. We then went to another ortho doc for a second opinion. This doc’s sonographic measurements were 10 to 20 degrees off from the hospital doc’s, and found Little E’s hips to be totally normal. He said we definitely do not need the brace. So M and I have a difficult decision to make – which doc’s recommendation do we go with? Update on this once we make a definitive decision.

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solar eclipse!

We saw the partial solar eclipse today! Over Greifswald, it was about 60% coverage.

Between 10 and 11am, everyone were out looking up. I took a nice long walk with Little E (because he was actually not napping well today, and needed the stroller) and saw lots of people. Some of them offered me these cool homemade devices to look at the sun. I just did the good old, look at the reflection in water thing. but those contraptions were kind of cool.

Too bad I didn’t know how to photograph it, although there are plenty of very beautiful photos and videos of the event online.


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Little M monthly summary: Month 24

Little M is 2 years old today! This is huge – we have officially entered into the scary bit of toddlerhood. Oh boy! For his birthday, Little M got a cool digger truck thingie, a set of real legos, and of course, cake. Poor little M has had a LOT of changes last month – new baby, a change of caregiver (mil then my dad, both with their distinct way of doing things), bad colds that meant he couldn’t go to daycare for a while, lots of medication to take for the colds, etc. And on top of that, we decided to potty train – not a good idea! Details under the potty section on that little adventure…

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