Personal update and some upcoming posts

I survived the week-long course the beginning of this month, still a few lectures until the end of the year and I decided to really overhaul one of the lectures, so work work work. Also a few new work deadlines, and a few old ones, and it really seems like there is not a breather until Christmas.

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Little M 3 yrs 7 months, Little E 1 yr 8 months update

Not too much to report that changed this month — the boys are growing well, I am getting better and better at cutting boy hair, and all of us are just waiting for the busy season to be over and to have a bit of a break (maybe) around end of December. Continue reading

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Scent of the Day September 2016

I wasn’t completely following the Friday scent project, but September was great, and I did get back into checking the theme and finding something that fits. I have been slowly but surely putting away the summer fragrances and pulling out the heavier ones. woot!

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Little M 3 yr 6 months, Little E 1 yr, 7 months update

My mom kindly reminded me that May was the last time I updated this blog! We have been busy – jobs, boys on non-overlapping summer breaks, a trip, two visits, a conference, and an upcoming longer work trip. Oh, and I have been working out again. Seems like there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done

So it has been months since I’ve updated, and after many nudges from their grandmas, and also the busy summer coming to a close, I finally got a change to put this up.

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Scent of the day ~ 5/13, 5/20, 5/27

So I have been bad about updating again, and this weekend, coming up, is a massive update for the boys. For now, catching up on scent Fridays.

Although I didn’t manage the post this month, I have been keeping up with scent Fridays — here is today and the past 2 Fridays.

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No-Buy naughties: Burberry

Burberry has become one of my favorite cosmetic brands, right up there next to theBalm and NARS. So when they released their beautiful summer highlighters, I jumped.

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No-Buy naughties: bittersweet

So I have been on a kind of a beauty no-buy since the beginning of the year. However, there were a few slip-ups here and there. But it is like dieting or something — I allow some slip-ups as long as generally I am sticking to the spirit of a “no-buy.”

It is exciting that Urban Decay now directly sell in Germany. They tend to surprise me with colors, which is bad bad bad for a no buy!

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Scent of the day ~ 5/6

“5/6 Wear a fragrance from Tom Ford, if you have one.”

I only have one Tom Ford fragrance: Black Orchid. And I didn’t really feel like wearing it today. So spritzed a bit from my sample of Cafe Rose to test for the day.

As far as rose fragrances go, this just doesn’t butter my muffin. It’s nice enough, with the woods and incense. But for some reason, I’m just not lusting after a full bottle.


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General update, and Scent of the day ~ 4/29

I haven”t posted in a bit! April has been a busy month since M was away a LOT for rehearsals for the German Music competition. That means a lot of single parenting with the boys. Along with a lot of busy at work, the hobbies and blog has been neglected.

Upcoming, hopefully, will be a long overdue post about the boys, maybe some beauty stuff, definitely scent stuff, and as I am way WAY behind on knitting design projects, perhaps nothing there for a little longer (alas).

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Scent of the day ~ 3/25

3/25 Picture challenge, edition 1. Wear a perfume that matches the picture. We’re staring off with Max Ernst, The Nymph Echo, 1936. (you can find larger versions here and here, and you can read the story from Greek mythology about Echo on Wikipedia.)

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