Little E 9 month & Little M 1 year and 8 months update

This post will go up the day we travel — so hopefully the grandmums have something to read while we are in the air ^.^

I always think this, but how time flies! Little E is a grown up baby with his serious expressions and starting really exert his will. Little M is having full blown conversations with strangers (ha) and more and more able to communicate with us mortal humans.

Little E will have his first trans-Atlantic trip this week, and we will be with my family for a couple of weeks, visiting with my side of the family as well as friends.

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Little M’s “kitchen”

This was a little while ago, but I just got along to posting this. Little M has been really interested in kitchen toys, at L’s house and also at the restaurant play areas. So M and I bought some new toys for him.

I got a little creative with felt — made some food items to go with the toys.

Noodles, sunny side up eggs, t-bone steaks, bell peppers, lettuce!

IMG_2980 IMG_2987

When I get the chance, I want to also make some pickles, bowtie pasta, mushrooms and maybe fish.

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One man’s trash…

A few weeks ago M decided to clean out some ties that he never wears. Yeah, some of them are ugly, and all of them should go. But not into the trash!


I ended up with project ideas for all of the ties. The internets is full of people way more creative than I am, and it was a lot of fun to search through projects.

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Random post about Douglas parfümerie

When I arrived to Germany, I really missed my Sephora & US beauty retailers, where I was mostly doing makeup shopping. It took a lot of effort to find sources to get my hands on favorite stuff.

The standard perfume and beauty shop here is Douglas parfümerie, which used to be a really sad version of Sephora. But no longer!

I have been surprised over and over again as Douglas added favorite lines to their shops. Of course, only available to me online, since our physical shop in town is a bit sad. But as of now, brands I love that has been added: Urban Decay, The Balm, Tom Ford, Burberry, Zoeva, and, oh my, Lipstick Queen!

Wowzas. I am impressed. Maybe Charlotte Tilbury and Stila will be next?

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Little M 2.5 yrs, Little E 7.5 months updates!

I am of course terrible delayed AGAIN with this update. Work has been draining free time away, and it doesn’t help that M has been away weekends for almost a month.

But enough with the excuses, and on with finally an update on the kiddos! Little E is 7.5 months and Little M is 2.5 yrs old. The saying that “the days are long and the years are short” is so true! Both boys have changed so much since the last update, that I feel extra guilty not updating.

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Second verse, not quite the same as the first (but similar?)

I am so excited to share a huge not-so-secret secret project that is finally complete (although I am waiting for some little bits of stuff to do in the coming days).

My second Knitty magazine publication is live! This is a little vest-halter I ended up calling Spaziergang mit Emil (it means “a walk with Emil” in German) because the design came to me during those newborn days when I walked Little E for naps all the time. Those were special days because the spring was nice here, and I got to just walk around and let my mind wander, quiet and away from the stresses and deadlines of job and household. It was really life in suspended animation, and I kind of miss it now that real life has kicked in again (end of maternity leave, already inundated with deadlines and lots of work)

Not posting photographs here since the pattern page Knitty put up is so beautiful. Thanks so much to friends T, L and M who took the photographs — we all know that photography is a major component of why designs are accepted.

I am really happy to have another big project done, and this is making me realize how wonderful magazine submissions are — you work on a deadline, which means I can’t agonize over pattern drafts forever. Downside — not sure if having deadlines for what is supposed to be a relaxing hobby is always a good thing ^_^


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Swatches swatches — swatches!! And Guilty Pleasure knit

Some winter knitting design projects that I hope go smoothly has been started, and the most important step is to swatch, especially as I am still learning some of these yarns. Two of these are already on needles with the 3rd still sitting in excel being worked out.


I was also a bit wanting an autumn piece — and did the really cute and super fast knit Nob Hill. I worked it in thinner yarn with smaller needles, and did a larger size. Think the fit turned out great. It is still a bit too warm to wear it. Here is my project page of this little piece in Raverly.



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Little E, Little M combined update

Long overdue update. Little E is 6.5 month old and Little M is 29 months old, and it’s been a WHILE since I’ve updated both boys!

I am officially back at work although the transition has been a bit slow due to the visiting weeks with our daycare and all that. M-mom came again to help out which was a huge help.

I probably will only update Little E once a month now, like Little M, to make it a bit more manageable. Hopefully these updates will come a bit more regularly as we settle down into more of a routine.

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Grandparents, parents, adulthood, and kids

I’ve been so bad about updating, which is especially bad because I know grandmothers read this blog to get those updates on the kiddos. I promise a big Little E and Little M update this weekend, and back to regular updates (as I get back onto schedule).

But this post is about something else. The incident that started me down lots of thought about, well, what it all means, was that I found out yesterday that my grandmother is terminally ill. Warning that this post is long, meandering and very stream-of-consciousness.

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Much delayed Little E & Little M updates!

So I have missed nearly a month of Little E updates and the last monthly update for Little M.

A lot has been going on — first of all was that both boys (and now M) were sick over these weeks. Little E’s cold got bad enough that he had bronchitis and we needed to do the inhaler and meds, which made caring for the two of them really overwhelming for the first time. This resulted in a few (sometimes major) parenting fails which all involved not being quite patient enough with Little M’s 2 yr old tantrums. I can do better ^_^ and will keep trying to.

But both boys are healthy now, and we are at the last stretch of Little E being home with me all day. The summer has finally started, and we are actually getting some beach days in.

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