Little E: Week 3 Summary

An eventful week! Little E got his first (slight) cold this past Friday, thanks to his brother the germ bomb. We all felt a little sick too, including an earache for me and sniffles for all (M and M-mom). But all seems okay, since besides the runny nose, there has been no other problems (like fever, cough, etc.)

M-mom is leaving tomorrow and my dad will be here as well. A changeover of grandparents, changeover of language, and lots and lots of changes in just a month in our flat. As much as we loved M-mom being here, I am also excited for my dad to be here for an extended time. This would be the first time since, I think early university years, that I have had this much time with my dad (and back then he worked long hours, so this may be the MOST time I will have spent with my dad that I can remember).

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Dresden shopping — Roses in December!

So of course, I had to take advantage of the Dresden trip to do some shopping. First off, I picked up some Lush goodies at half price for girlfriends back home. I already have so much bath stuff to go through, I didn’t go crazy there.

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Little E: Weeks 1-2 Summary

Little E is a full 2 weeks old today. We have been home just about 1.5 weeks after a few days stay at the hospital. M keeps reminding me that we should not compare Little E to Little M, but it’s difficult not to, especially at this stage. We only had one experience with a brand new born before.

Little E had a stellar APGAR score and had his first two well-baby checks at hospital during our stay. The only thing they found was his hips to be on the borderline risk of being misaligned, so he is wearing this hip brace for the first 6 weeks of life. In the vast majority of cases, they need no other interventions (and many of them would have been fine without the brace as well). It makes swaddling a bit difficult at the moment. But he doesn’t seem to mind it.

A specialty of Little E is peeing (and once, projectile pooing) as soon as we open his diaper. He barely makes it through the day in the same outfit, and sometimes has complete changes of clothing several times a day. The projectile pooing is something we never really experienced with Little M. The poo went straight out and onto my shirt without hitting his diaper at all. How did he do that?!?

We will have more checkups next month, and in the meantime, we are home getting through the first few months of life (I have leave until August). M-Mom is here for another week or so to help out (especially with Little M as I cannot pick him up yet) and my dad will be here after that for 2 months. Yes, we recruited help this time around!

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24 hours in Dresden: Food and entertainment

This post was supposed to have gone up way back in January! Oops!

Over Christmas, M’s parents were very gracious to take care of Little M for a day while M and I absconded to Dresden.


We ha almost exactly 24 hours and it was the first kid free time we had as a couple.

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“Failed” trial of labor a.k.a. another victim of the medical system of birth

I hate posting about something so negative on this blog. I started this to share all the happy hobbies. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed appropriate to record what happened with my non-attempted vbac here.

I don’t know if I can call it a “failure” when I was not allowed to try.  Two weeks ago, I underwent a “coerced” (and potentially unnecessary) medical procedure — major surgery, performed “electively,” because it was the most comfortable choice for hospital employees. It was unwanted surgery for which a malpractice suit probably cannot be filed and resulted in scars that I will carry for the rest of my life.

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Little M monthly summary: Month 23

Didn’t think I would get a post out but had a little bit of time and thought a brief update was better than nothing.

Little M is officially a big brother now! Little E came last week and things have been a little hectic. Little M also caught a bad cold and was off daycare for a week, so things have been very non-standard around here. He is having a lot of fun with M-mom who is here for the rest of the month to help out.

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Knitting Projects: Jan 2015

I have been doing a lot more designing in the latter half of 2014 (and I remain very slow with that), which means projects are coming slowly. There are not many off-the-shelf, so to speak, types of projects in my bags. Self-designs take a lot more time because I need to test them, and many of them change mid-project.

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Carrot soup

I wanted some carrots for Little M’s meals, and M came back with 2 kilograms of carrots. oh my! We were having Mrs and Mr T over for lunch anyways last weekend, and I decided to look for a nice recipe to demolish the carrots.

I followed more or less this recipe for carrot soup, which is simple and can be made vegan easily. I didn’t measure anything — cooked it to taste.

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Gift of Potatoes

Of all the funny gifts given this past Christmas, my favorite was M’s idea to give a bunch of potatoes to M-dad.

M-dad loves potatoes. Almost as much as my family loves rice. M found all sorts of interesting different types of potatoes at one of our grocery stores. These included two colored potatoes, purple ones — I think M got 6 types total.


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Little M monthly summary: Month 21

I totally skipped out on 20 months because the holidays involved a wedding, traveling and being away from normal things (like the blog). Posts will be slowly going out about all of that, as soon as I figure out my new iPhone camera.

The past 2 months were exciting in terms of toddler development. Little M is soaking in information like a sponge, and seems to be popping out with something new every day. However, sleep fell apart again sometime a week ago and all three of us have been zombies.

Feeding: Little M has reverted a little on this bit, like some of his other behaviors. He really wanted me to feed him ever since we got back from holidays. Not sure why, since he is great with eating and drinking on his own. But at dinner and lunch, he would only eat two bites before handing me the spoon and asking me to feed him. Hm…

Fussy: Really not that bad for a toddler — Little M has his moments, but is usually quite sweet and happy.

Sleeping: Wow — starting last week, Little M decided that night-time sleep is just not for him. Three days in a row, he was not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours per night, and was completely dead during the day. Then he decided that sleep was alright until around 3am, which he has consistently woken up and decided he would rather play. Not sure if this is teething or growth spurt or some kind of developmental leap, but man, have we gotten used to his sleep getting better.

Potty: Still having a backslide in the potty department, including Little M wanting to get on the potty when he wants to read a book (i.e. when he doesn’t want to sleep). A few times, he asked to be on the potty several times, only to then poo in his diapers.

New Things: Tons of new things! Little M has learned the alphabet in lower case letters, countries of the world, new animals, some numbers. He also at some point learned to hop (with both feet off the ground) and has been practicing with his new toddler-bicycle. And what could be a huge development, Little M seems to have started to pretend play, using his stuffed animals to do stuff that he would like to do, and “feeding” them and cleaning them up.

Mom: Getting exhausted, and a little nervous about next month. We will have a lot more help this time around, which is nice. But still — hoping the new one isn’t as unsettled and scream-y as Little M was as a newborn. We are getting all the final ducks in a row — including hospital visits, all the stuff needed for the apartment, getting plans made with friends just in case we need some help in case this one comes early and meeting with the midwife.


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