Scent of the day ~ Friday Feb. 12

“5 Star Friday: wear your favorite perfume ranked five stars by Luca Turin, either in Perfumes: the Guide (if you don’t own the book, you can find a compiled list at Basenotes) or in his Style Arabia columns. Partial credit for a four-star perfume!”

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Getting the boys to eat veggies: super easy crock pot dish

I read Ordinary Gentlemen for it’s political and news related blogging. Last month, I found a recipe that was too tempting not to try: the 3c casserole.

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of this process. I adapted this already adapted recipe to what we had on hand.

Into the crock pot went: a head of chopped cauliflower, a head of chopped broccoli, a couple of spoons of dried onions, a pinch of chili powder, salt, black pepper, a few spoons of chicken bullion, 5 chick drumsticks (skinless) and 1 package of cream of broccoli soup.

Added enough water to just cover (not quite everything, so as to not boil over) and set on the lower setting overnight (approx. 10 hours).

Next morning, when switching off the pot, I scraped the chicken off bone and stirred a bit.

I was away on a meeting that night, so M had to finish the dish. He heated the contents in a pot on stovetop until just nearly boiling, then added some heavy cream and almost an entire package of shredded gouda cheese. Stir stir, and serve!

Little M and Little E both loved the dish, and ate huge portions of it for two days (before the entire thing was gone!). This definitely will have to be made again.



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Scent of the day ~ Feb. 5

“1 Star Friday: wear your favorite perfume ranked only one star by Luca Turin, either in Perfumes: the Guide (if you don’t own the book, you can find a compiled list at Basenotes) or in his Style Arabia columns. Partial credit for a two-star perfume!”

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Some new posts, and Friday scents

So this blog has sadly been neglected mostly because I just cannot find the time to experiment much with cooking these days. And I find knitting projects taking forever (although a few projects are finally staggering to the finish line).

So in addition to the kid updates, I thought I might start posting a bit about another little hobby — perfumes.

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Little E 11 months, Little M 2 yrs 10 months update

Not sure if this post will be totally coherent because I have had almost a week of pretty crappy sleep. We are settling down into 2016, and I have had a hard time keeping everything — childcare, house stuff, cooking, knitting/sewing — in balance. I also have a little personal project that have been ultra distracting. Hopefully the grandparents can make sense of what’s been going on with the boys ^_^

I can’t believe Little E is almost 1! Time has flown. I feel like I have not gotten much done in the past year! But the boys, they have been doing a LOT of growing and developing.

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Holiday and Bday gifts V: Things I gifted myself

Of course, I use December, the big bday and christmas month, as an excuse to get more stuff. This was my last shebang too, since I have put myself on all things no buy for 2016, so hopefully, no more new stuff until next December!

In any case, here is what I ended up grabbing up:

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Holiday and Bday gifts III: Sephora

I always pick up some Sephora stuff for myself when we visit the US, especially if we are around for me to use the VIB sale. I got mostly skincare stuff this year (Clinique yellow lotion and cleansers). But this year is great because I was able to pick up my Sephora’s bday present!

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Soups in jars!

In addition to some choice book selections for Christmas gifts, I was most excited to finally settle on the idea of doing soups (and pancake mix) in jars for M’s siblings.

We couldn’t really come up with good gift ideas except that we wanted to make life just a tiny bit easier for parents of young kids. It was a pretty last minute (and a lot of crazy desperate googling) that let me to decide on soups on jars.

The point of these is that they are home made soup mixes that do not need much else except water (and maybe some tomatoes or meat) to cook up.

I used a few of the recipes found here — selected 3 that were not too challenging in terms of finding ingredients (and even then I struggled a little) and wouldn’t be too challenging for a German palette.

I also did a jar of Alton Brown’s pancake mix for them.


Ended up being pretty and, I hope, useful.

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Holiday and Bday gifts II: Fragrance lab kit

One thing that I love (but the wallet does not) is visiting Sephora in person. I always try things that I haven’t before, and this Thanksgiving, fell for a big ticket item, oy!

I had a few minutes at Sehpora (wanted to pick up my bday gift) and decided to venture to their perfume section. They had quite a number of purse sprays and rollerball sized fragrances when I noticed something new (to me): rollerball fragrances from a San Francisco brand called “The Blend.” They are supposed to be “pure” scents, whatever that means, which are made to be layered (reminds me a little of the concept of Jo Malone colognes).

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Cooking thanksgiving dinner!

So this is a bit late! I cooked thanksgiving dinner for my family (unexpected larger as my aunt and uncle came over).

Rewind. So the original plan was to do a big family dinner with my aunt and uncle the weekend before thanksgiving since they were busy the day of. But after a lot of chaos, my mom ended up not being able to join in the family dinner, and my aunt and uncle decided to go to our place for thanksgiving dinner.

I had already planned to do a little Thanksgiving dinner for my parents, M, the boys and myself, and we added 2 more to the list, plus, I was under pressure to do something presentable for a family that tends to be a little difficult to manage in terms of all sitting down and eating.

This was how we did it!

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