OMS Nights update: First half of July, 2013

A bit of an update for our Monkey’s sleep at night. Sleep training definitely paid off, and he also matured so much in the sleep department.

About 3 weeks after we started sleep training for nights, my parents came to visit. I feared that we might have some regression, but besides the first two nights (extremely early waking, and a 20 minute cry even after nursing at 4am), his nights have been so great. First of all, a few nights at home and at M-parents’ place, Little M actually slept from 6:30pm to 6:30am! They were not TRUE 12 hour nights since he still nurses at least 2 and sometimes 3 times during the night, but he has never gone that long before. The rest of the nights were about 10 to 11 hours unless we missed bedtime.

Little M was not disturbed by being in a new crib at M-parents. The crib they bought is a very nice one – much nicer than the one we have at home. I was super nervous we were in for some rough nights. But the first day, I did the routine as much as I could (the room is different and I didn’t have the nursing pillow, so some alterations were necessary) and put him in his crib. He never even fussed and was quiet within 10 minutes. Once we missed bedtime by about an hour, but besides waking a bit early to nurse during the night, he slept well. This continued…

until we got to Berlin, and used the hotel crib (a light travel crib). I was again nervous because this crib had mesh instead of bars, and had a very low mattress which was not very thick. In addition, there were no dark curtains over the windows. We had to place the crib in the kitchenette area between the main door and the bedroom, with the bathroom off to the side. We spent the first part of the night at the other hotel room where my parents were staying with the baby monitor and tried to go in at the first night nursing.

Well, Little M did very very well. Except for the two days where we missed bedtime (by about an hour), he fell asleep just fine. Delayed bedtimes did not lead to crying or fussing, but Little M did take a while to sleep and stirred more often, although he went back to sleep and we never had to do checks. He also had 5am mornings the entire time we were at the hotel.

I am so much more comfortable with Little M’s sleep now! He can sleep in different places and cribs. He can miss bedtime by a little and still do okay over night. Most importantly, he no longer cries or fusses before sleeping for the night (most of the times smiling when I’m putting him in his crib) and can fall back asleep without help. And most importantly, Little M wakes every morning with a big smile on his face and ready to play. Lovely!

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