Apple Gueyere pie

When I first watched Pushing Daisies, I knew I wanted to try some of the pie ideas from the show. Like many other people, I attempted the Apple Gruyere Pie. I made it over the summer and received great comments back from people. From that pie making exercise, I had enough dough left over to make a second pie – I froze that for occasions just as this Thanksgiving (of Mrs. T), to which I will be bringing the second attempt at this pie.

I got some guidance from the recipe here.

The pie dough did not have to be made this time, only thawed. I took it out of the freezer Friday and put it in the refrigerator. The basic idea is to make any pie dough recipe you like (I use a King Author recipe but with slightly less butter and vodka instead of cold water to wet). While cutting in the butter, I also cut in finely shredded Gruyere cheese. Then the rest of the dough is made as normal (sprinkling cold vodka on the cut flour and carefully brining everything together in a ball).

The fillings were sour apples, sliced; cinnamon, cornstarch, a bit of lemon juice, and sugar.

Everything was combined well together.

I kneaded the larger disc of pie dough into a circle and fit into the pie pan. The apple filling went in that. The second disc of dough was rolled out and layered carefully over the apples. I made some decorations with the left over pie dough to layer on top, brushed the entire top with a beaten egg, and cut slits into the pie.


Oven was heated to 170 degrees C. Pie went in for about an hour (I checked the color of the crust often just to make sure there are no burns).

And here is the result! Shall bring it to Thanksgiving II and post about that dinner later.

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