Little M monthly summary: Month 17

Little M is now a year and a half!

This past month has been tumultuous but exciting. Little M started Kita, or the “big daycare” (which we call “kindergarten”) with proper classrooms, lots of other kids and teachers. He is still crying in the mornings but at afternoon pick up, wouldn’t want to come with me in order to continue playing.

I am slightly (although not entirely) worried that Little M is still pretty short for his age. His weight seems to be okay, but he’s a few cms behind his age group. I am a shortie, but was hoping that he got some of M’s tall genes. Only time will tell…

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Summer trip food part II: NOVA, DC and Montreal

I had some wonderful food, and food that we can’t really get where I live now, during summer trips. Second part first, and hopefully I won’t forget to post part I (which would be all the food from when I visited parents). Part II includes the trip to visit my cousin (including Northern VA and DC) and also the trip to the Montreal wedding.

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Nachtfalter — realized knitting project!

It’s so great to see some hard work finally realized. I worked over this summer on quite a simple knitting pattern that was luckily accepted into Knitty’s deep fall issue.

And it is out!

The pattern is called Nachtfalter (German for moth) and is for a pair of fingerless mittens. I am pretty jazzed to get into Knitty as I use this online magazine all the time.

I am pretty proud, and very thankful of my knitting friends who provided a lot of valuable feedback and words of encouragement.



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Sick day(s) soup

M, Little M and myself have all been sick for the last week and a half from both something M brought home, and something Little M might have gotten at the big daycare.

All meaning, none of us cooked much, and we didn’t want to eat too much either.

I made lots of veggie soups! Just dump random veggies in the pot, add water, boil for 30 to 45 minutes, and blend out with the hand blender.

The one below was a variation on potato leek soup, with potatoes, ground pork, leeks, carrots and brown mushrooms all mixed together.

Ah, seems like we are all getting better, and back to better foods ^_^

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I had my hair chopped off

When I was in the US, cousin Q and I both got our hair cut. She went from short to super short, while I went from ass long to shoulder length.

It is still difficult getting used to short hair, although I love it. I keep pouring too much shampoo on my hand when I wash. My hair feels so light, and it takes no time at all to dry after washing.

I also love the style of the cut. We went to one of Q’s favorite korean places, and the lady there did a great job. There was a lot of razoring — I have no idea really what she did. But the result is cute without me putting in much effort.


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Tilting Waves — Exciting news in knitting adventures!

I have not put out a post about knitting projects in a long time. This is due to a few long-term projects that were all taking way longer than expected.

But my first one is finally done.

DSC_1336 DSC_1346

My very first original pattern — Tilting Waves — was released on Raverly this past week! This is a scarf I designed for M-mom last year. Writing the pattern up, getting all the bugs out, getting it tech edited and tested took an entire year. But finally, it is out (linked below).

Thanks so much for my editor and the testers who were all so nice and helpful. I learned so much from getting this first pattern out.

Honestly, I am not sure how well this pattern will do. It is a little complex with techniques not often seen. Only for those very adventurous knitters.

Hopefully, I will have more patterns released (in my slow manner) in the future!


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The great US beauty haul III: Last minute drugstore shopping

The last two days in the US, I did run to some drugstores close to home and picked up some last things that I thought would be difficult to get in Germany. I ended up with way more than anticipated.

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The great US beauty haul II: Sephora/MAC Trip

We ended up at the mall (oh man, have not been in a mall for a long time) with a Sephora’s and MAC store right next to one another. I had to shop super fast since Little M was with us. Alas! But it was nice to actually swatch and shop in store. I did pick up a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t have if shopping online.

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Little M monthly summary: Month 16

This past month has been eventful for Little M — we traveled to the US to visit family and he logged in his second ever transatlantic journey.

M thought there were huge changes in Little M’s vocalizations during the 2.5 weeks we were away. He has been talking a lot more, making different sounds, and using sounds to communicate (although he still has very few words at the moment). Little M also started to take a first crack at singing — very cute and funny.

On the downside, we have been seeing the first signs of the terrible two’s emerging. Little M learned to plop and throw a little fit when he doesn’t get his way, and this could be in the middle of the street. The fits would never last long, but we have a glimpse of the next few years, ew.

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Easy potato salad

M-mom makes a killer potato salad with mayonnaise that we all love. I’ve been trying to perfect that for a long time.

But this past week, I wanted a lighter, more refreshing potato salad.

Potatoes were boiled for 20 minutes, until firm but not soft. When they were cool enough to handle, but still quite warm, I chopped them into bite-sized chunks.

Added to that was salt, pepper, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, diced tomato and finely diced salami. Lastly, because I wanted something crunchy, I added some chopped scallions.

Let it all sit until completely cool.

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