Adventures in rabbit

The last time I made rabbit, Little M came into the world. I think M will always remember that dish (since he ended up finishing it by himself while I was in hospital).

Holiday season means we are seeing a lot more bunnies for sale at the supermarket. I couldn’t resist.

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A Dolce Vita

When I got my makeup done at Sephora in August, the MUA asked me what my favorite brand is. My old answer would have been something like — no one brand, or maybe Urban Decay/TheBalm. But I realized that since I started working in the last few years, I have been using NARS most often.

So I tried for a (nearly) all NARS routine.


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Missing Wedge — finally live!

I managed to finish another knitting design project. Man, these take me a long time! (about 4 months behind schedule on this one). I call it “Missing Wedge”, due to the way it is shaped.

Mom_1   All_1

Not sure if I want to also add a download link on this blog, but I am offering this pattern for free on Ravelry currently here.

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Venison stew

I bought some frozen venison because I mistakenly thought it was a pre-made stew that I just had to toss into the pot to heat up. Nope, it was just frozen venison, with a suggested recipe for “Goulash” on the box.

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Bath-time entertainment — Serial

I used to read in the bath, but lately, I’ve taken my laptop in to listen to podcasts. I love podcasts, and listen to them far more than reading or watching the telly. It is an activity I can do while walking or knitting or cooking — yay for multitasking!

I find podcast listening so much more enjoyable than reading in the bath because I can let my hands and arms relax, close my eyes, and soak (with a book, I am constantly trying to find a good position to hold the book, get good light, and can never completely relax).

I listen to a WIDE range of podcasts, but lately, the obsession has been Serial.

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A (kinda) tiny thanksgiving

Most of the years I have been in Greifswald (and not away for Thanksgiving), Mrs. T has hosted the traditional “American” Thanksgiving dinner. It is a lot of work, and this year, not only would she be out of town, there was just no time or energy to do it.

So I decided that we should host it this year — until we found out that all the Americans in our circle would be out of town Thanksgiving weekend.

So, no to the huge thanksgiving meal with full turkey and trimmings. But M and I decided to do a little Thanksgiving meal for ourselves.

SDC18980   SDC18979

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Bath time!

Like Little M, one of my favorite times of the day/week is bath time. Except Little M gets a bath every day, and I can manage a bath around once a week.

This year, for the holidays, I ordered a ridiculously large amount of stuff from Lush. I haven’t done an order like this since before Little M was born! I was just a huge fan of all of the holiday specials, and got nearly one of each (and two of others). Some of these items will be xmas gifts, but who am I kidding, the bulk of the stuff is for me.

However, I do still have a few little odds and ends from Lush I wanted to use up before digging into the holiday stuff. I will be able to dig into the holiday stuff in December!

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Little M Month 20 — early post

Of course, in the week since I posted Little M’s month 19 update, and wrote that he wasn’t doing TOO many new things — we had a mini-explosion (again?) of stuff! Wanted to update BEFORE the month 20, since we will be traveling then and I might not update until later December/January. Here are 3 new things, and 1 setback.

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New fragrances

I have two new fumes, one is a piece I have been eyeing for years, and another that was a complete impulse buy (I know, buying online and unsniffed — tisk tisk). Continue reading
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Organization: fume samples

What do people usually do with these tiny glass bottles of perfume samples that are included in pretty much every beauty purchase everywhere? Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of them, and they just clutter up the apartment.

I depotted the needlessly bulky benefit concealer box sometime last year and stuffed all the samples I could find in the empty box. Now, the samples have overgrown the box.

Samples must be used or tossed! They are doing no good sitting in the box.

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